Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The college has a very active and dynamic IQAC committee formed after the first cycle of NAAC accreditation way back in 2009-2010. It constantly works in the direction of improvement and enhancement the quality of education. It has introduced a number of measures and innovations to facilitate student for all round development. Regular meeting of IQAC are held and the members suggest new activities and measures every time which are implemented to benefit all the stakeholders.


Composition of IQAC 2018-2019

Sr. No. Positions Names of the Members
1. Chairperson Dr. G. M. Butani (Principal)
2. Teachers: Three to Eight
  1. Dr. Girish Patel
  2. Dr. Krupa Vyas
  3. Dr. Sonal Saraviya
3. Management Member Mr. Janakbhai Desai
4. Senior administrative officers
  1. Mr. A. L.Patel
  2. Mr. D. M. Barot
5. Nominee from Local Society Mr. Ranjeesinh Desai
6. Nominee from Student Mr. Dipak Patel
7. Nominee from Alumni Ms. Neelam Panchal
8. Nominee from Employer Mr. Dipesh Shah
9. Nominee from Industrialist Mr. Prasad Gangaokar
10. Nominee from Stakeholders Ms. Renuka Parekh
11.  Director of IQAC Ms. Bhairavi Desai