Her Start Up : Best Practice 2 (2018-19)

24/12/2019 - 1 year ago

(1) To provide a platform to students to become entrepreneurs.
(2) To promote “Earn While Learn”
(3) To make students financially strong and inspire them to become Entrepreneurs.

The college has Home Science department and more than 78% students are females hence a lot of skill workshops and trainings are a regular practice in our college. A number of workshops on chocolate making, pottery painting, nib painting, sewing and embroidery etc. are organized. We decided to provide a platform to sell the things they make and this drive called “Her Start Up” came into being. We have made an outlet for the students to sit and sell the items they make.

The Practice:
An outlet space is set up in the corner of the foyer of the college where a counter and display cupboard are provided to the students desirable to sell the items made by them. We can state with pride that the students have earned handsomely by selling chocolates, pottery, quilling jewelry, food items and many more things.

Problems Encountered and Resource Required:
We feel pleased to state that so far, no problems have been encountered in the endeavor and as we provided a space with a counter, chair and cupboard, no extra resource is required. The students have been selling the items successfully.