Knowledge on Wheels : Best Practice 1 (2018-19)

24/12/2019 - 1 year ago

Knowledge on Wheels:

Our institution has started a unique drive to inculcate social responsibility and, in the students, and a unique step by the institution to pay back the society in its small way.


  1. To inculcate a spirit of social responsibility and social service in the   students to try and make them better woman beings

2.To help the community by imparting knowledge

3. To make students aware about their role as good citizens.



“Knowledge on Wheels” drive is initiated with a view to do something unique. In present times, there is dire need of human values sensitivity, emotional and social contact. We thought of doing something in their concrete   direction. Imparting only bookish knowledge is inadequate without making them aware about E.Q. and S.Q. is useless. Hence with a view to achieve the above-mentioned vision their drive was started in the academic Year 2018-2019.


The Practice:

Under this drive, one vehicle goes with the banner of “Knowledge on Wheels” 

in the nearly vicinity with 5 to 6 students and impart General Knowledge to the children of surrounding villages. We would like to mention with pleasure that each faculty member provides his/her vehicle once a month for the purpose. Every time different students go on knowledge on wheels and spend one hour to one and half hour imparting general knowledge to the children and enthusiastic adults too.

On last Sunday of every month the “knowledge on Wheels” goes to the nearby villages and is parked in the village. The students gather the children and adults around it. The students carry the globe of the world, word atlas and map of India, human anatomy skeleton, basic information about political structure of India, photographs of sports legends, public figures, notable women achievers, etc and show and explain their roles to the gathering.


Photographs, register etc. are kept and maintained.

Problems Encountered and Resource Required:

  1. So far, no problems have been encountered as students have participated in this activity willingly and voluntarily. As for the resources, each faculty member offers his/her car once a month happily. The college is planning to buy a van of its own for the purpose.